Every patient at Gay Men’s Institute receives a personalized treatment plan developed in coordination with your treatment team. Our program has a special focus on creating a recovery environment specifically for gay men, especially for men who have struggled with relapse in the past. We use specialized treatments to treat co-occurring disorders and trauma.

Gay Male Specific Program

At Gay Men’s Institute, we understand the unique challenges of growing up gay in a predominantly¬†heterosexual culture, in particular, the challenges¬†of accepting one’s own sexual orientation, coming out to parent, friends, and others, and dealing with internalized feelings of shame and separateness. These challenges¬†are considered when developing your treatment plan.

Individual therapy, group therapy, and psychoeducation groups will be structured around affirming your sexual orientation, developing DBT skills, exploring personal and social triggers, and helping you find joy in recovery. Process groups will openly discuss topics of concern to gay men, such as social media, online (Apps) dating, HIV/AIDS, PrEP, monogamous and open relationships, healthy sexual behavior, and phase-life-transitions for gay men and our community.

Our Family program allows you to invite your family of choice to assist your journey to recovery. Gay Men’s Institute staff is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for you to promote acceptance and healthy recovery.

Relapse Prevention

Recovery is hard work. You may have tried another treatment, or even had some success going cold turkey on your own but find that your addiction keeps coming back into your life. Gay Men’s Institute can give you the tools with our specialized track in relapse prevention to living a life in recovery. Your treatment plan will place you with peers who have also struggled with relapse, so you can learn alternative coping methods and be exposed to a community-wide support system.

Co-occurring Disorders

Separate professionals often treat addiction and mental health disorders, but we recognize that both diseases can exaggerate the effects of the other on your life. These co-occurring disorders to your addiction should be treated simultaneously for better results with both. During your assessment, the Gay Men’s Institute treatment team will look for signs of co-occurring disorders and plan your treatment so you can have success in treatment and your future life in recovery.

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