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Addiction is holding you back, but recovery is possible. Gay Men’s Institute evidence-based methods and social model focuses on a truly personalized experience. A healthier life, without dependency, is waiting for you. Are you ready to change your story?

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Medical Detoxification
Medical Detoxification

We offer full medical detox and sub-acute detox as part of our treatment. Gay Men's Institute provides a clinical assessment, taking your unique health factors into consideration, to ensure you receive the appropriate medical care while reducing your body's chemical dependency. You’ll have 24/7 supervision from our medical staff, giving you the care you need to ease your withdrawal symptoms and provide the highest opportunity to overcome your addiction.

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Inpatient Addiction Treatments
Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient treatment, also known as residential treatment, ensures that you are focused solely on recovering. As you reside at our comfortable, home-like facility, you will have 24/7 access to clinical care providers and a full daily schedule focused on therapies that will treat your addiction and its underlying causes.

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Intensive Outpatient Treatment
Intensive Outpatient Program

An outpatient program is often recommended when an individual requires a “step down” from one level of treatment to the next before they are ready to return home and apply their recovery skills to everyday life. Our program is designed to foster the development of the individual while focusing on the previously identified gap in treatment from in-patient to self-sufficient living. Treatment is structured over an extended period offering a flexible schedule to accommodate work and school whenever possible.

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This is Where
I Change My Story

Gay men stand at the crossroads of great social, political and personal change. In recent decades, we have won the right to marry the man we love, and enjoy many of the privileges that come along with societal hard-won acceptance. Despite these gains, so many of us bear the scars that come from years of struggle to find acceptance and love in a world that didn’t understand us, in many ways rejected us, and implanted the idea deep within that we were deeply flawed men, perhaps even unlovable.

We struggle with lifelong wounds rooted in the shame of our childhoods and young adult years, and as grown men we find ourselves struggling with feelings of loneliness, depression and deeper questions regarding the meaning of our lives. For so many, the experience of surviving the AIDS crisis created a unique traumatic experience etched into our awareness a deep impression of loss and inexpressible grief.

Today, it is sadly no surprise that we suffer from remarkably high rates of addiction, depression and, yes, even suicide. Deaths and hospitalizations of gay men resulting from the abuse of methamphetamines alone have exceeded those from cumulative decades of marred with HIV/AIDS.

What Sets
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Our Medical Director, Director of Nursing, and highly skilled professional nursing staff extensively trained in Addiction Medicine will guide you through this important first level of treatment. This time of stabilization for the body and mind is necessary for you to begin addiction treatment and our team will support you throughout the entire process.


Gay Men's Institute provides onsite housing in a gay-landmark Palm Springs boutique hotel with 24/7 access to medical and support staff. Our newly-remodeled residential treatment center (RTC) features stylish contemporary appointments, comfortable memory-foam beds, relaxed surroundings with amenities such as a swimming pool, patios, and sculptured grounds. Your treatment plan will include a schedule of individual therapy, group therapy, and experiential therapies like yoga, meditation, and recreation.

Focus Gay and Bisexual Men

We offer individual and group therapy, psychoeducational groups, and intensive workshops specifically focused on the unique needs of men who identify as Gay or Bisexual. Gay Men's Institute creates a supportive environment for gay-affirmative addiction recovery, self-exploration, and personal growth. Our residential treatment allows you to live with other gay men and freely discuss the pleasures, rewards, and challenges of living as a gay man, especially in a predominant culture that often can be homophobic, judgemental, or marginalizing.

Cross-generational Adults

Gay Men's Institute recognizes the generational contribution and unique triggers of adults at every phase of life. Recovery with men of different ages provides an opportunity for cross-generational understanding, mentorship, and support that will help you on your unique journey. Process groups will focus on the pressures of social media, "Apps" dating, coming out, and relationships with our family-of-origin, families-of-choice, professional colleagues, and friends.

Alumni Support

All former patients are invited to join our national alumni network. You will become part of our expanded community of Gay Men's Institute graduates, as well as a member of the LGBT recovery community of Palm Springs. As a patient of Gay Men's Institute, our treatment team will work with you to develop a comprehensive aftercare plan to allow you to access a network of care that will help you transition into a life of recovery.

Relapse Prevention

The struggle of addiction means that relapse is always a threat to recovery. Gay Men's Institute will present you with the necessary tools for living a life in recovery. Our relapse prevention groups and exercises help you discover how to replace the function of your substance abuse, compulsive, or addictive behaviors. Once you have discovered what your addiction was doing for you, then you can learn to live without it. At Gay Men's Institute we believe that by using coping skills, such as mindfulness, and emotional regulation, you will learn to deal with and overcome the triggers of your addiction.

This is Where
I Change My Story

Find your serenity at Gay Men’s Institute, an ideal location to heal your mind, body, and spirit near beautiful Palm Springs, California. Our facility in a newly-renovated gay-landmark, boutique hotel surrounded by palm trees includes residential space, treatment rooms, and scenic mountain views.

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